Closing the Gaps in Learning

APC, Inc. is a tutoring and enrichment service provider in the greater Houston area.

The Association for the People and the Community (A.P.C) through House Bill 4545 is now able to provide Academic tutoring to students in all school environments, specializing in at-risk, low achieving and disadvantaged students in low performing schools.

We provide academic tutorial services in Language Arts, Reading and Math for K-12 Students.

Our Mission

The A.P.C.’s mission is to build an intelligent, confindent, and proactive community. Our legacy is to leave a postive impression on every person, who is exposed to our services. We offer enrichment, K-12 tutoring and college discovery courses empowering students to achieve at all costs.

Highly Qualified Instructors

A.P.C. Teachers are Highly Qualified in accordance with the standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act and Texas Education Agency.