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In-Home, Small Group, Online Language Arts, Reading & Math Tutoring, STAAR Test Prep & Enrichment Programs for K-12 students in the Houston Metro Area.

One-On-One Sessions

A.P.C provides in-home one-on-one sessions with tutors for students who require uninterrupted one-on-one tutoring in unsatisfactory performance areas.​

Small Group Tutoring

A.P.C. provides small group tutoring sessions with one tutor and less than three students.​

Online Learning

Online/computerized learning supplements may be available depending on individual student learning plans.

About APC

Academic Tutoring Specializing in Language Arts, Reading & Math

The Association for the People and the Community (A.P.C is a Houston based academic tutoring and youth enrichment services company. 

The Association for the People and the Community (A.P.C) through House Bill 4545 is now able to provide Academic tutoring to students in all school environments, specializing in at-risk, low achieving and disadvantaged students in low performing schools.

We adapt to our students needs and create personalized lesson plans for students and monitor progress throughout the duration of the program to ensure academic growth.

Based in the Houston Metro area, we offer both live, one-on-one in-person as well as small groups and virtual tutoring services to students in K-12 and backgrounds to help them succeed in their academic journey.

High Passing Rate for STAAR Testing

Highly Qualified, Experienced Instructors

Personalized Learning plans

High Quality Tutoring Programs for K-12

Our tutoring covers language arts, reading and math for all grade levels from elementary to high school. We offer customized tutoring plans that ensures your student receive the highest quality tutoring services on their way to achieving their goals. 

Individual Tutoring

Individualized tutoring sessions conducted in-home or centralized location for students who require uninterrupted 1-on-1 tutoring in unsatisfactory perfomance areas.

Small Groups

Small group tutoring sessions with 3:1 student/tutor ratio. Group tutorials conducted two to four days a week, during school, immediately after school or on weekends.

Online Learning

Online/computerized learning supplements may be available, depending on individual student learning plans.

STAAR Test Preparation

Personalized, one-on-one STAAR tutoring begins with an academic assessment to determine the student’s current level of proficiency. Then we create a highly customized method of instruction tailored to each student’s academic needs and learning style.


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Personalized Tutoring for Every Student

At APC, Inc., our team of contract tutors cover every grade level and every unique learning style.

From elementary school reading to high school level math courses, our expert contract tutors offer one-on-one personalized support that empowers students and makes learning more approachable than ever.

We worked with students around the Houston Metro Area and know what it takes to improve academic outcomes!

A.P.C. Teachers are Highly Qualified in accordance with the standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act and Texas Education Agency. 

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